Get Fit with Harley Pasternak

Creative Direction: Timothy Dunkin – Film Director: Andrew Gallo –  Producer: Carolyn Crafton  –  Work performed for Four Seasons

Get Fit with Harley Pasternak

Long flights. Adjusting to a new time zone. Sitting for hours. Travelling takes a toll on our bodies and finding a way to stay in shape while on the road can be challenging. Rather than searching for a gym in Jakarta or a spin class in Seville, what if you could work out at your hotel, in your room?

Four Seasons wanted to give its guests the tools to exercise and stay fit when they travel. While BA’s creative director was with Four Seasons, he produced this campaign, partnering with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, and Robert Pattinson.

The resulting 27 films feature various exercises that Pasternak designed specifically for working out in a hotel
room or hotel gym. This content series gave people another way to interact with Four Seasons and was shared across the brand’s landing pages, social media, and mobile app.

Mobile App Experience 


Our Role

+ Creative and art direction

+ Social strategy

+ Content production

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